Public sector

Boost operational efficiency, provide exceptional level of service to citizens, centralize data and increase transparency with bpm’online’s solution for public sector
Мощная BPM-система для модернизации государственных IT-услуг, консолидации данных и обслуживания граждан

Специализированное решение bpm’online, направленное на оптимизацию работы государственных структур и организаций, помогает обеспечивать качественное и своевременное выполнение сервисных услуг, повышать эффективность выполнения внутренних процессов и контролировать исполнение задач в режиме реального времени

Unified and secure database to manage sensitive data

A comprehensive CRM database allows for keeping a complete history of all communications in one place:

Account and contact management
Interactions and communication history
Smart duplicate search and merge to keep data clean and up-to-date
Complete history of interactions with clients
A unified database with fast and convenient access to services and information
Integrating data from multiple sources and channels
Data enrichment through social media
Advanced case management capabilities

Bpm'online offers a set of tools to effectively manage cases and customer requests:

Complex multistage, multi-organizational case management with sophisticated queueing, routing and escalation capabilities
Skill and role-based assignment
Monitoring the status and duration of the case resolution
Next-best-action capabilities with real time decision support
Pre-defined business rules for case management and resolution, which includes automated resolution for certain categories of escalation rules
Enterprise social network with social activity stream to collaborate on the case
Omnichannel communications

Leverage omnichannel communications with consistent experiences across various channels for staff, citizens and partner organizations: 

Tools to effectively engage customers in various channels: web, social, chat, email, mobile, phone, in-person communications
Access from the field through mobile devices
Enterprise Social Network (ESN) to keep track of the latest updates and notifications on the projects, cases, requests or even contacts from various channels
Project management and collaboration

Tools to efficiently collaborate on projects, set project deadlines, manage costs and assign tasks to owners or teams:

Capabilities to plan workload, deploy business processes to assign tasks and resources
Fees calculation based on employee internal and external rates
Automatic calculation of service costs with an ability to track all additional expenses and analyze project’s profitability
Comprehensive workflows and collaboration tools to improve coordination among case teams, agencies, and partner organizations.
Collaborative capabilities to help local agencies synchronize the resolution of citizen inquiries
Human resource management

Use bpm’online to keep all information about your staff and teams in one place:

Tools to create and maintain a complete employee database
User-friendly team schedules
Staff activities, workloads and project roles monitoring
Employee performance monitoring
Business process management

Automate key business processes with bpm’online:

Automated case management processes, out-of-the-box processes
Automated processes behind licensing and permitting requests and approvals
Client-facing processes and back-office tasks management
Daily routine and workflows automation
User-friendly visual process designer to design and optimize processes
Enhanced customer service

Provide more efficient and effective service with an accurate and complete view of your customers:

Contact center automation
Omnichannel service management
Service level management: personalized approach for each citizen thanks to segmentation and assignment of relevant service level for each segment
Automated correspondence management
Service analytics dashboards
Sophisticated document and knowledge management

Document and knowledge management to organize and easily retrieve critical information:

Templates, document categories management with an option to enable version control
Document management capabilities to specify document type and link them to citizens, cases, etc.
Automated multi-tier review and approval process
Instant access to a centrally stored information library, including practices description, recommendations, document templates, etc.
History of approvals and chronology of activities for each document; relationship between documents; version control.
Capabilities to manage service entitlements and SLA’s.